Sunday, June 21, 2009

FF3 - The Highlanders 3

The next disguise in The Doctor's (or, more accurately, Patrick Troughton's) arsenal is that of a washer woman in this episode. Troughton is really laughing his way through this story. It's interesting to note that Sylvester McCoy, with his prat falls and spoon playing, did essentially the same thing in his debut story, Time and the Rani. Was it acceptable to fans back in 1966, just as the same antics were panned in 1987? If not, was it perhaps the fact that the quality of the latter story may have been slightly less than The Highlanders? (We'll see that theory explained in a few months time...)

Still, we get to see more (or, rather, we don't get to see) of how successful at the art of disguise The Doctor is after he manages to finagle an entire wheelbarrow of weapons with his washer woman's costume. Not entirely sure how he pulled that off...did I miss something in this episode?

Another light filler episode, with even less of Jamie in it than the previous episode. One doesn't really get the impression that he's going to be one of the longest running companions ever. It really does look like he was a last-minute addition to the show (which, of course, he was). I've always liked Jamie, but he is so in the background in this story, that it does seem odd for him to be added to the (soon to be crowded) TARDIS roster.


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