Tuesday, June 16, 2009

EE5 - The Power of the Daleks 5

In which Lesterson completes his descent into madness, going complete batshit once he realizes that the innocent requests for power and supplies by the Daleks that he's agreed to has now resulted in a Dalek army being created. Robert James veers close to OTT in his portrayal of Lesterson, and probably crosses the line on a couple of occasions, but it's still a fun performance.

I love how there are two separate storylines going on here - the rebellion being staged by a group of the human colonists to overthrow the current regime, and the ongoing accumulation of power by the Daleks, who are seen as merely pawns and servants for the rebels. Both Janely and newly minted governor Bragen are banking on their control of the Daleks for their rebellion hopes, ignoring Lesterson's insane warnings. Bragen orders (or so he thinks) a Dalek to exterminate the former governor, Hinsell, which the Dalek does. But not for one second is that Dalek taking any orders from anyone. Throughout the whole story, the Daleks are merely playing along, happy to let the humans dig themselves further and further into a hole, by which time they will be not only dependent on the Daleks for help in the rebellion, but the Daleks will also be up to full speed and an independent entity unto themselves.

The moment finally happens at the end of Episode Five. The rebellion is officially on, and so the Daleks strike, moving out from their capsule in staggering numbers, ready to kill all humans while the humans are busy killing themselves. "Daleks conquer and destroy!"


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