Sunday, June 7, 2009

Z2 - Don't Shoot The Pianist

After seeing this episode, I'm fully convinced that if ever a live action version of The Simpsons was made, and if a practical means of reincarnation could be invented to resurrect dead actors, then William Hartnell should be the first choice to play Mr. Burns. I couldn't help but think that old Billy was channeling C. Montgomery some 40 years previously during the scene where The Doctor enters the saloon for the first time. His charmingly innocent line about enjoying a glass of milk as opposed to alcohol is total bliss.

Hartnell's Doctor looks so amusingly out of place in this episode. I love the way he plays with the gun that Steven has handed him in his jail cell, marveling at a simple trick he's just learned to do with it to Wyatt Earp. Or should that be "Mr. Wearp", as The Doctor calls him throughout the story. It's odd, actually, that Steven takes guns from the TARDIS that are in The Doctor's own collection - why does a man who abhors violence, and, as he states later in the episode, who never even uses guns, have a private collection of them? Are they guns that he has confiscated from people over the years, and he keeps them as badges of the pacifism he's created (as well as specimens of fine craftsmanship?)

Another cracking episode, this. Why did this story have to be only four episodes long?


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