Monday, July 6, 2009

MM4 - The Tomb of the Cybermen 4

I like Doctor Who stories that don't necessarily have The Doctor winning outright. At the end of Episode Four of Tomb, nothing much has changed since the beginning of Episode One, except that Parry's expedition is leaving with a good few less crew members than it had when it arrived. The Cybermen aren't destroyed at the end, they're merely refrozen. The Cyber Controller, as we will (much) later find out, isn't dead at the end of this, either.

Which leads me to wonder - why did The Doctor want to get down to the tombs so badly if his only intention was to keep the tombs frozen? Also, why does he rig up the main doors and the controls to trigger a fatal electric shock afterwards? These actions would only punish curious explorers in the future, as the Cybermen inside the tombs, if ever they were to wake up on their own, wouldn't need the control panel once they opened the hatch to the tombs in the first place.

Despite these apparent holes (and, as mentioned previously, the rampant sexism and racism, and the occasional horrible special effect), I still found The Tomb of the Cybermen massively entertaining. Well worth finding after having been lost for 25 years. But then, we'd be happy if they found Galaxy 4.


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