Monday, July 27, 2009

WW1 - The Krotons 1

Three words that, for years to come, will bring so much joy and hope towards Doctor Who fans that what they are about to watch just might be the most entertaining 24-and-half-minutes they'll have seen in some time, appear for the first time at the beginning of this episode:

"By Robert Holmes"

To be fair, the "classic" Holmes style is nowhere in evidence yet, with no "Holmesian double act" to be found anywhere, but it was early in his career, and this was an episode that had been sitting, in one way or another, on some BBC executive's desk for four years before being thrust into the spotlight on short notice.

Is it wrong that, while I fully expected to find this dull, I actually quite enjoyed this episode? Part of it may have been because of the dullest looking quarry ever featured in Doctor Who (a hotly contested title), which is notable in itself. Also, the fact that this episode survives on 35mm film results in a gloriously crisp picture and audio. Can't wait for the DVD release of this one in all its VidFIREd glory. This is good fun thus far.


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