Tuesday, July 7, 2009

NN4 - The Abominable Snowmen 4

Victoria gets to be crafty and devious in this episode, tricking the naive Thomni and the increasingly inept Rapalchan in order to escape from her confinement. This story hasn't painted a very flattering picture for Buddhists, as all of them are well meaning in their ways, and they all think they are doing the right thing, but they are constantly being outwitted and defeated by anyone who comes from outside the monastery. Still, because of their peaceful nature, I'm worried for them. Kind characters are tough to watch die, and I fear that the Yeti will be adding some monks to the ranks of the dead before the end of the story.

After Victoria's escape, she stumbles upon the chamber of Padmasambhava for the second time in the story. Unlike the first instance, where Padmasambhava warned her to leave the area, this time she is welcomed in. We finally see the visage behind the voice that has creeped us out over the course of the first four episodes - a grotesque, uber-old husk of a man, with long creepy fingers and a chess board/Battleship game from where the Yeti are controlled. I am continually unnerved by Padmasambhava.

The Yeti are at their lumbering best, too, chasing Jamie and The Doctor up and down the mountainside. In the still photos, though, the Yeti really do look rather cuddly and cute, like the Cybermats before them. Yeti teddy bears and remote control Cybermats - the BBC missed out on a couple of gold mines back in the day...


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