Sunday, July 26, 2009

TT1 - The Dominators 1

The Gunfighters is easily my biggest guilty pleasure from the William Hartnell era. The Dominators might qualify for that title for the Troughton era, at least based on the first episode. It starts off hilariously well when Dominator Rago storms out of the Dominator ship, followed shortly by his subordinate, Dominator Toba. Both men bark orders and observations at each other while standing far apart and facing away from each other. They've clearly just had a fight. They must be on vacation.

Then we're introduced to some thrill seeking adventurers on a day trip to the Island of Death. One of their number is a young Malcolm Terris, who would gain fame 11 years later for splitting his pants while being shot by a ballet dancer who is dressed as a pantomime bull. Fortunately, he doesn't have any pants to split in this short appearance because he, like all males on Dulkis, it would appear, wear skirts with an empire waist. The women don't look much better. But the thrill seekers at least look pretty cool when they get wasted by some Quarks.

Ah, yes, the Quarks. The successor to the Daleks, the producers of Doctor Who had hoped at the time. Pity they're so adorable, so immobile, so unintelligible. Can anyone understand what they're saying at the end of the episode?

Whatever. I had a blast watching this episode. I also love how The Doctor makes Jamie blow up a beach ball, the latter clearly having never seen one before. Bring on Episode Two!


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