Monday, July 27, 2009

XX2 - The Seeds of Death 2

While The Doctor and his entourage worry about getting a rocket ready to launch for the first time in years back on Earth, the much more interesting story in this episode is, again, taking place on the Moon. Fewsham is continuing his collaboration with the Ice Warriors, having seen almost all of his colleagues killed before his eyes. When Miss Kelly and her team manage to arrive on the Moon via T-Mat, they are all captured by the Ice Warriors.

This is where, for the second time in as many episodes, the employees of T-Mat show off their vast intelligence. Once captured, Fewsham shouts out "Don't move!". So, naturally, the two men who accompanied Miss Kelly try and make a break for it, and get about as far as five paces before they're mowed down with the Ice Warriors' Mirrorlon guns. The exact same thing happened in Episode One. Does no one obey orders at T-Mat?

There's some amusing scenes in the rocket once The Doctor, Jamie, and Zoe are finally able to launch. However, for the second story in a row, Jamie is treated like an infant - not just by Zoe, but Eldred and Miss Kelly - in regards to his knowledge of space travel. How unfair!


Keir said...

Eldred must live!

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