Monday, July 27, 2009

TT2 - The Dominators 2

The fun continues. I love how The Doctor and Jamie constantly dupe the Dominators into thinking that they're not smart, and thus, not dangerous, by doing poorly at the tests that the Dominators have arranged. The situation allows for many a great comedy moment, and Patrick Troughton and Frazer Hines, who have had a couple of years under their belts together on the show, have the perfect comedy timing to pull these scenes off effortlessly.

More (unintentional, I'm sure) fun occurs thanks to Toba and his army of Quarks. I mentioned how in Episode One that Toba and Rago are like bickering spouses. In Episode Two, though, with Rago constantly berating, correcting, and scolding Toba, the relationship veers between that of a overbearing spouse and a battered spouse, to an overbearing parent and his disgruntled teenage son. Case in point - the cliffhanger to Episode Two. After two entire episodes of being belligerently instructed not to waste the Quarks' energy on wanton destruction, nor wasting possible slave labour resources in the form of the Dulkins, Toba orders the destruction of the first building he comes across, gleefully shouting "Destroy! Destroy!" like a petulant five year old smashing an ant hill out of existence.

Finally, Cully and Zoe seem to be getting along far too well, or, at least, it seems Cully wants it that way. In almost every scene in this episode, Cully runs off camera, hand in hand with Zoe, and, in one instance, wants her out of her Space Wheel clothes and into a proper Dulkian skirt. Either he's looking to settle down with Zoe (and the naive girl isn't doing much to thwart this notion), or else he's just looking for company to the misery that is wearing a Dulkian skirt himself. I'm leaning towards the latter.


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