Friday, July 10, 2009

RR4 - Fury From the Deep 4

In a season and era full of stereotypes, be it racial (Toberman in The Tomb of the Cybermen), cultural (Evans in The Web of Fear), or sexist (take your pick), it comes as a great relief to see that the head of the gas company in charge of the refinery is a woman, Megan Jones. She's strong, seemingly in charge....ah, but then quickly sides with The Doctor to try and defeat the Seaweed of Death. Oh, well. Baby steps, I guess.

Jones arrives on the scene shortly after the previous, non-insane authority figure, Van Lutyens meets his (apparent) comeuppance at the hands of the BBC foam machine. Van Lutyens is played by John Abineri. I've long enjoyed Abineri's performances in Doctor Who (and, particularly, in his role of Herne the Hunter in Robin of Sherwood). When I first saw Toby Hadoke's wonderful Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf, which included several references to the illustrious Mr. Abineri, I beamed - finally, a fellow admirer, even if I've never seen any Ferrero Rocher ads. Gosh, for John Abineri's sake, I hope Van Lutyens is ok...

There's some more hand wringing from Victoria in this episode as she grows weary of the dangerous life of traveling in the TARDIS. This aspect of the story is developing quite nicely.


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