Friday, July 10, 2009

SS4 - The Wheel in Space 4

Is it a bad sign that I've fallen sleep twice while trying to watch this episode? I don't think I'm really that bored while watching it. Perhaps it's because the Cybermen's plan of taking over the Space Wheel is taking forever to be put into action.

That's not surprising, given the complexity of the devious Cyber-scheme. From rockets to crates to eggs, all containing Cybermen, to Cybermats to humans controlled by Cybermen, etc., it's taking a while to get to the real lynch pin of the Cyber-plan. Not even the Cyber Planner is giving us a clue as to what's going. (You know what my favourite thing about writing reviews of Cybermen stories? Affixing the "Cyber-" prefix to all sorts of words. It's Cyber-riffic!)

Meanwhile, Jarvis, the head of the wheel, is quickly going nuts. Does he have space sickness, it is queried? More importantly, what is space sickness? Is it similar to the "space madness" experienced by Ren in the Ren and Stimpy episode of the same name? Only time will tell...

Pleasingly, the horribly annoying qualities of the character of Zoe are quickly being deflated as Zoe raises doubts about her logical and clinical outlook on life. She just might make a good potential companion after all.


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