Friday, July 10, 2009

SS3 - The Wheel in Space 3

In which the Cybermen finally reveal themselves properly, The Doctor finally wakes up from his slumber, and, most importantly to me, after thirteen straight episodes, the pictures finally move thanks to Episode Three existing in its entirety in the BBC Archives.

The Cybermen have been changed yet again after the relative stability of their appearance in the last two stories. The overall result isn't as impressive as the Moonbase/Tomb versions (and, with only two properly functioning Cybermen costumes, the ability to create memorable images of marauding Cyber armies is severely diminished), but perhaps by favourite Cyber-quirk are the little "teardrops" at the corners of each eye and, for this story only, under the mouth. It almost gives the Cybermen a sense of melancholy in their motives. They attempt to conquer others because they are sad that they have no longer have a home. That First Doctor - what a bastard!

The Second Doctor, on the other, is as mobile in this episode as he was in the last one, but at least he's awake now and participating in the plot. He even acquires his pseudonym of John Smith during this story. But he doesn't even get out of bed for the entire episode! Quite amazing is the breadth of Troughton's Doctor that he can still provide the story its necessary thrust by just sitting up. Tom Baker would be jealous.


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