Monday, July 27, 2009

VV7 - The Invasion 7

After such an epic end to the previous episode, this episode is fairly disappointing in that, apart from the reprise from the Episode Six cliffhanger, we never see the Cybermen at all during the course of this installment. For the first time in the programme's history, the entire Earth us being affected by an alien menace. It would have been nice to see the scope of the Cyber invasion, but, as far as we can tell, the only people who were knocked out by the Cybermen's radio signal.

UNIT, though, is the real star of this story, even though some of their ranks make for questionable soldiers. Captain Turner must have it in for Jamie, for some reason. During the sewer rescue machine in Episode Six, Turner actually makes Jamie, an untrained civilian, take up the rear when everyone is climbing up the ladder out of the sewer. Jamie then gets attacked by a Cyberman as a result. And, in this episode, when Packer's men are ambushing the house that Jamie, Turner, and Turner's men are in, Turner again has Jamie follow on, and the poor kid is shot in the leg. Is Captain Turner really pledged to protect the public? UNIT must take a separate set of oaths than the police and the army.

My favourite bit in this episode is the casual way that Vaughn sits in his chair, legs crossed, while he jots down the plan that he and the Cyber Director are coming up with to proceed with the next step of the invasion. Even at this late stage, Vaughn seems totally in control of events, but that changes at the end of this episode.


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