Friday, July 10, 2009

OO1 - The Ice Warriors 1

Two things that I love about The Ice Warriors make themselves evident right after the opening theme fades down. One - the music. The music over the specially created credit sequence is spooky and ethereal, made even more effective by some dreamy, female vocals. Music similar to this would be used on almost all the (prefilmed) ice and snow sequences, and it is some of Dudley Simpson's best work ever.

Two - ONE. That is, the episode number, which, to date, has been displayed as some variation of "Episode One", but here, for this story only, are displayed in big, block letters: ONE. Such a small touch, but I have always thought it was the epitome of cool (pun only slightly intended).

Once the opening credits are over, two more things make themselves immediately noticeable. One - Peter Barkworth commands the screen from the second he walks through the door. His Leader Clent almost seems like a long lost brother of Captain Kirk with his delivery, and with a misanthropic attitude (and cane assisted limp) of Gregory House. Barkworth establishes Clent as a hard working commander-in-chief, whose faith in the decisions of the base computer seems believable without showing Clent to be insane. Oh, and speaking of the computer? Two - I couldn't understand a word it said throughout the entire episode (ed. note - I noticed that the voice was significantly altered for Episode Two. Or, sorry - TWO.)

Finally, it seems remarkably convenient that Walters called the creature that Arden found in the ice an "Ice Warrior". We'll see if the Ice Warriors start calling themselves that as this story goes on.


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