Friday, July 10, 2009

PP6 - The Enemy of the World 6

We finally get the inevitable (yet almost technically impossible, for Doctor Who in 1968) meeting between Salamander and The Doctor, complete with the usual mistaken identity hijinks that usually accompany such moments. There should have been more to the confrontation, though, if only technical difficulties rendered most of the footage that director Barry Letts shot completely useless. (Moot point these days, anyway, given no footage from this episode exists at all).

There's also a nice twist at the end when it is revealed who the real villain of the piece is (well, secondary villain), which I honestly didn't expect. I'm hesitant to reveal who that is, because I'm becoming increasingly mindful of the fact that a good chunk of you dear readers who peruse this blog from time to time haven't actually seen the reconstructions for the missing episodes. After all, it's not as if you can find them on Amazon or at your nearest HMV. Tell you what - I'll bury the identity of the person in question somewhere in the next sentence, so, for those who haven't seen/heard The Enemy of the World, you can just skip along to the next paragraph. This is the sentence where I reveal that Kent is the other villain.

All in all, not too bad, apart from some minor production and story problems. Unlike anything done before or since in Doctor Who, to be sure.


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