Friday, July 10, 2009

OO4 - The Ice Warriors 4

Both Storr and The Doctor make alarmingly bad decisions in this episode in regards to the Ice Warriors, and they both are made to pay for their stupidity. And all, it seems, just to advance the story along.

Storr, to this point, has been a lovable rogue who hates anything to do with scientists, or science in general. Such is the debate in the year 3000, with most of the Earth covered in ice, and the "loyalists" hell bent on assuming that the scientists are the ones responsible. Storr, a loyalist himself, only hooks up with Penley in the arctic wasteland because Penley has, himself, thrown off the shackles of technology, as well (or, at the very least, technology according to Clent). Seemingly, Storr doesn't trust anyone...until he startingly decides to try and confront the Ice Warriors and convince them that he's on their side. Ignoring all the best advice from his friend Penley, Storr beards the lion in its den and visits the Ice Warrior ship, only to prove his worthlessness and get killed by a well placed Ice Warrior Mirrorlon attack. The only reason for this that I can see is that Storr had, by now, outlived his usefullness, and needed erasing lest Angus Lennie be paid for another episode for which he was not needed.

Later on, The Doctor tries to get himself taken prisoner by the Ice Warriors in order to gain access to their ship's interior in order to sabotage it. This is, of course, flying the face of evidence that the Ice Warriors are already known to shoot to kill. The Doctor goes so far as to make demands of the Ice Warriors while trapped in the airlock of the ship. The Ice Warriors respond in kind by draining the atmospheric pressure in the airlock, giving The Doctor ten seconds to live. Nice move, Doc. It sure did supply a convenient end to the episode, though...


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