Tuesday, July 7, 2009

NN6 - The Abominable Snowmen 6

After a relatively sedate and serene five and a half episodes without a great deal of proper action going on, but the creepy level turned up considerably, Episode Six ends in a shower of pyrotechnics, exploding mountains, and smashed equipment. I was half expecting a more cerebral finale, but then, this is Doctor Who after all.

Like most of the incomplete stories, this was my third time through the reconstruction of The Abominable Snowmen, and I've enjoyed it each time less and less. That's not to say I thought it was crap, but I was enthralled with it the first time I watched it a couple years ago, but less so when I saw it again. This time around, I was either distracted by illness or by the stunning Torchwood: Children of Earth, which was airing the same week that it came time to watch Snowmen.

And so, sadly, I feel that I was never able to give my full attention to this otherwise fine story this past week, but that is part of the ups and downs of watching every single Doctor Who episode in the space of one calender year. It might be the first, but it also might not be the last. Sometimes, it does, indeed, feel like a marathon...


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