Friday, July 10, 2009

RR5 - Fury From the Deep 5

There's a remarkably creepy ending to this episode where Robson, standing amidst a sea of foam and seaweed tentacles, tells The Doctor that "we've been waiting for you". Spine chillingly good stuff.

The Doctor and Jamie have followed the possessed Robson to the control rig not only to confront the source of the weed creature, but to try and rescue Victoria. Poor Victoria has become increasingly useless as this story has gone along as she spends most of her time either wallowing in self pity or getting kidnapped/incarcerated/rendered unconscious. I'm thinking that this is in keeping with her character arc that has been developing over the course of this story, but with 1960s Doctor Who, you just never know...

Thanks to a few short censor clips that have been reinserted back into this episode by the good folks at Loose Cannon, I can finally view some pictures that move. Both this and The Web of Fear have been quite good, but staring at still photos and straining to hear the audio can be wearing on the nerves. Because this whole Chronic Hysteresis journey, and the large amount of non-existent episodes I've had to endure in such a short time, never before have I looked forward to The Dominators so much...


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