Friday, July 10, 2009

PP2 - The Enemy of the World 2

The main problem that I'm having with The Enemy of the World in these early stages is the fact that there are no establishing shots to show the many exotic locations that this story is supposed to take place in. One scene is apparently set in Australia. The next? In Hungary, we're told, in the Central European Zone. But there's nothing different between either place, other than the fact that George Pravda is in one of the Hungarian scenes. Taking this into account as our only indication that what we're watching is set in Hungary, can we also assume that Castelan Spandrell in The Deadly Assassin is also Hungarian?

Perhaps there isn't a local flavour to either Australia or Hungary in this because, apparently (again), the Australia-Hungary trip takes only two hours by rocket, so perhaps the people of the world can set up shop in other countries much earlier in the year....wait a second. What year is this? That's never clearly divulged, either, but it's a time if kinky rubber suited guards, quaint city parks, umm.....rockets.... It's such an odd mish-mash of timelines going on that it is remarkably difficult to pinpoint the time period that this story takes place in. Not that it's crucial to the telling of the story, but it would be nice to have a vague understanding of when this all happens, or, at least, the odd shot of one of these mythical international rocket ships taking off, landing, or travelling mid-flight.

Jamie, Victoria, and Astrid manage to sneak not only into Salamander's close proximity quite easily, but Jamie climbs a balcony to stand directly beside the Mexican dictator without having to dispatch a single guard. Salamander then rewards the young Scot's ingenuity by putting him and Victoria onto his payroll. You'd think Jamie had done the whole "government espionage" thing for a living before he joined up with The Doctor.

This is another relatively entertaining yet subdued entry, despite the best intentions of some over-the-top stock music and an even more OTT Milton Johns as Benik.


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